About Us

Monster Lubricants is proud to be a progressive, growing and diversified 100% Australian owned company with a Head office in Kingsgrove NSW Monster Lubricants initiated its business with the aim to provide the premium oil products and excellent customer services to its clients and prospects in the oil & lubricants industry.

Monster lubricants take pride in continuously serving the Australian market for more than a decade. It has been playing an instrumental role in helping its clients to achieve better productivity and economical business models by having a consultative approach. All the staff members representing Monster Lubricants are experienced professionals, particularly trained in evaluating business requirements of our customers and providing practical and innovative solutions making us distinguished from other oil companies.

The core values of our business are clearly defined by the framework of our practices for every professional associated with Monster Lubricants.

Monster Lubricants has delivered exponential growth over the years, developing a range of customers in all different segments of the Lubricants industry. It developed strong supply and support relationships in Automotive segment, Workshop segment, Transportation Segmentation and Industrial segments.

Keeping in mid the growth of industry and diversification of Monster Lubricants, it decided to launch a tailor made locally blended Australian brand of “ TLube “in 2011 and due to the success of tLube the Monster Lubricants brand was formed too.

TLube, the technically advanced Lubricants, were launched to cater customer needs particularly considering the Australian demands and environmental requirements. As with more and more Australian economy diversifying and its service sector growing, new business are establishing and requiring better products and prompt services than ever. To deliver bulk supplies and products as quickly as possible local blending of the technically advanced product was deemed necessary. Monster Lubricants has a reputation of maintaining a team of highly qualified and professional business managers, Engineers and scientists.

The idea of “TLube” becomes more important with the aim of establishing Australian name in the international market for formulating and developing international quality lubricants. At the moment, most of the top oil companies are either European or American. Given the high potential of resources and experienced professionals in Australia, it was too much of an opportunity loss by not developing local brand with the performance characteristics of any Multinational oil company product.

We are confident to deliver our customers the well rounded solutions to achieve the best possible results, simply based on the fact that Monster Lubricants is the only company which has a capacity to supply the international brand of one of the largest companies in the world and at the same time enjoy liberty to formulate and blended locally manufactured product (TLube / Monster Lubricants).

We shall be honored if we are given an opportunity to serve your businesses and differentiate ourselves by becoming your preferred lubricants and oil products supplier.